Cultivating Essence begins with the full realization
and reclamation of who you are and radiates outward
in an ever-expanding spiral of universal love.

Only when you cultivate YOU, calling forth
fine gifts of original design
, can you come to LIFE
and live in full expression, watering the world
in the way only you can.

Where do we begin?

The way out is through.
We begin from the inside out.

Awakening the World Within - Book 1 Cultivating EssenceFinding Our Forward Flow - Book 2 Cultivating Essence Embracing a New Vision for the Nexus of Change












Awakening the World Within

Finding Our Forward Flow

Embracing a New Vision


With such love for the heart of who you
are and the heart of who I am and all of us
held in the heart
of the great I Am and with
gratitude for the privilege of sharing Cultivating
, a “message in a bottle
for the world” with you…

Awaken the World Within