Being a Channel of Blessing, Becoming More of Me

If you’ve followed my essential journey with Cultivating Essence, from finally coming to the place where I said yes to writing down the message planted within me right up to now, then you likely know about my distaste for the word “channeling” and the associations that has had.

Channel of BlessingI didn’t accept that I was simply tuning into an external channel to allow this flow. I wasn’t shutting myself down to take dictation. Nor was this only about me sharing my thoughts or even merely sharing my heart. I wasn’t simply acting on my own behalf or putting forth ideas to effect an outcome.

Rather, my sharing this particular message was me opening up to receive spiritual truths that activated what was already within me. From another perspective, I was sharing what insights, intuitive awareness and information I received and thereby more fully integrating into the core of who I am. I see what’s happening as a very dynamic and cocreative process. I am allowing my soul’s truth to emerge as I open to the gracious nourishment and sustenance of Spirit.

The word “channeling” conjures up images of some altered state where I am disconnected from what is here and now. In my experience, it is the exact opposite. When I I truly become “a channel of blessing,” I am anchored in my Essential Self, fully connected to my core essence and engaged in the process of soul exploration while simultaneously bringing forward the divine gift of who I am and allowing that to be blessed, broken open and changed forever as it is brought fully into a form which I could not have imagined.

I am “changed” in the process of sharing my gifts in the sense that I am always embracing more of who I am. This process of tapping into the streams of my soul connects me more and more to “me” and also expands my access and connection to the constellation of guides and teachers who share similar soul seeds. But there is more to it that we can only discover as we experience the being of it. So, as I open more fully and become willing to cultivate who I am, I am met with greater awareness and flow, much of which defies explanation or my limited human understanding but which my soul knows as true.

Two Flowers ~ A Soul Essence Art Exploration from Dawn RichersonMuch of what kept me resisting the natural flow and blossoming of my own sacred seeds of essence was my conditioning that said that flow should only be allowed to come out at a certain volume or speed, in a certain way and at a certain time, preordained and stamped with a giant “OK” by the external authorities in my circle of influence, in society and its accepted institutions.

What are your thoughts on “channeling” and becoming more of who you are? I welcome your insights and discussion below.

Dawn Richerson, Author, Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul


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  1. I LOVE everything you’ve written here, Dawn! And I really love this kind of conversation. To be honest, I haven’t given a great deal of thought to the concept of channeling, but I really appreciate your idea of becoming a channel of blessing and that this is really about becoming more of who you are and allowing what is at your core to come through (rather than being a “channel” for wisdom that is coming from outside of you from an external “channel”).

    Like you, I have mixed feelings about the word “channeling”. As I’ve started to cultivate more spiritual discernment on my own journey, I’ve become more aware of how my own ego can co-opt my spiritual process. So, although, I have inspiration, intuitive guidance and wisdom that “come through” me at times, I see this as something that is innate to all of us (not just to me) and, as you’ve suggested, comes from deep within us.

    The other thing that I feel uncomfortable about is the connotation of “special powers” that the word channeling can have (or maybe that’s my projection onto it!). Again, my discomfort relates to the awareness of how the ego can hijack our spiritual process, sometimes, in subtle ways of which we’re not consciously aware. I guess my fear is that if I say that what I’m doing is “channeling”, I’ll get all puffed up with spiritual pride and think I’m special, better than and separate from others.

    This is a great conversation! Thanks for initiating it.

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks so much for sharing here, Mary. Yes I completely agree with the view that intuitive insights and accessing a deep knowing, like so many things, is innate to all. I love the cultivation of spiritual discernment. And of course I’m passionate about the inside-out approach to simply allowing ore of who we are and what lies within to be awakened. So appreciate your comments here and the way you are a channel of blessing in your work. Dawn

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