Dawn RichersonDawn Richerson is founder of Cultivating Essence and the author of the 3-book series
(Awakening the World Within, Finding Our Forward Flow, and Embracing
a New Vision
) and other books on spirituality, healing and wholeness. Dawn’s Website


A soul explorer at heart, Dawn is a journey guide who offers soulful, strategic support as you come to LIFE and Live In Full Expression, cultivate you and water the world with the fullest expression of who you are. She leads virtual and live retreats and workshops in the Soul Streams Virtual Retreat Center, which she founded in 2012. Dawn has been championing creative revolutions in life and business since 1997. Learn more about working with Dawn and upcoming events at DawnRicherson.com. Contact Dawn about speaking or booking events.


In her own words:

I like to think of myself as simply an explorer of the way, which is, of course, comprised of many ways. I like to explore the edges, returning always to the center – the essence of things. I am only beginning to understand that in its intricate beauty, a many-faceted gem infused by the One light, dancing and elusive, emerging and playing hide-and-seek with the seeker I am.


Note from Dawn: Below, you’ll find my sharing more from my heart of who I am, using SEEDS Practices. These are at the heart of my workshops with women weaving the world. If you’d like to book a workshop or retreat leadership, focused on SEEDS Practices, or if you are interested in becoming a licensed facilitator, please send me a message.


Dawn’s SEEDS Statement

SEEDS = Soulful Exploration for the Essential Discovery of the Self

My essential self, as I know it to be at this juncture in the trajectory of my life . . .

I, Dawn, am a visionary and soul explorer who believes
in an
inside-out approach for a new way forward for humanity.

Essentially, I believe
soulful exploration that lead us, individually
and collectively, to
creative revolutions in life, in business, and in our world.

I am coming to know
that the journey back to
sacred wholeness and
the journey forward to
soulful transformation are grounded
SEEDS practice and soul gardening, which allows us
to cultivate essence and
water the world with the unique
expression of our sacred self.


The Person I Am and Am Becoming

I am a creative, visionary, soul-inspired entrepreneur. I am a writer. I am an innovator at home in the world of big, bold ideas. I am courageous and undeterred when I know something is stirring in my soul. I am a cultivator of ideas and of connections. I am a weaver of dreams, combining strands of wisdom that call us back to essential truth.

Some see me as a study in contrasts, passionate about healing, wholeness, and spirituality and sometimes equally fascinated by systems, structures and processes, the worlds of marketing and business, and ideas that can change the world. I love change but crave simplicity. I am quiet but sometimes long for and thrive in community. I like to dabble with poetry, painting and photography.


Time for Transformation (c) Dawn RichersonThe Path I’ve Traveled, the Truth I Know

I know that there are two journeys (and likely many more) we make in this life. The two I know intimately are the Journeys to Sacred Wholeness and the Journey to Soulful Transformation. You see, my experience of my life was one of fragmentation and dis-integration, literally and experientially. I didn’t really know who I was, except in glimpses, quick fragments of film projected into my reality that were only partial to the whole.

My journey (back) to wholeness was one that taught me much about myself and the world. And still I am discovering the wholeness right there within all things that appear broken and beyond redemption. The truth I know is that we are beautiful, born to shine. Wholeness is there to be found in what seem to be shards scattered like debris in our inner world. In the void, a whisper can be found; in the stillness, a song.

I walk along a second path to soulful transformation, being and becoming, beginning and beginning again, finding my way to form and function, taking shape and learning how to move in this world that is my second home. I am only beginning to discover its truths, and they are many. From the matrix of soul, I am cultivating more of who I am each day, happy to be on the way with you. This phase of my journey really began to unfold with my decision to write down the message of Cultivating Essence, which I had carried in my heart for so long.


Connecting Points and Who I Am . . .

  • I’m the creator of hundreds of tools, anchors and systems for life and business and love to share them; you can find at Creative Revolutions Inc. (the company I founded back in 1997 and the hub of everything I do)
  • I love supporting soul-inspired visionaries and people with big ideas for the world; I put my intuitive, creative and strategic gifts to support you as you come to LIFE and Live In Full Expression; I’m passionate about an inside-out approach and SEEDS practices (Soulful Exploration for the Essential Discovery of the Self) and Soul Essence Art Exploration
  • I’m the founder of The Soul Streams Virtual Retreat Center and love leading journeys, online and live, in-person
  • I write books on spirituality, healing and wholeness as well as articles, essays, stories, poems, essential thoughts, and more
  • I’m a writer, editor and book development coach who works with a select number of clients; I can help you to write, publish, and market Your Extraordinary Book
  • For professional background, see my LinkedIn profileĀ 
  • For notes on upcoming books, follow me on Facebook
  • I’m a proud graduate (journalism) from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!)
  • I’m a seminary graduate and faith still matters to me; it is woven into everything I do
  • I’m a lover of waterfalls, rainy days, and love