Walking in the Way of Love: Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Shooting

How does one walk in the way of peace, in this season of peace, when so much has been shattered?   This is the question I have been asking of myself.   NOTE: If you don’t have time to read this, please scroll down to the end for some suggestions for allowing ourselves to be […] Read more »

What Kind of Life Do You Want?

Do you know what kind of life you want? Have you even considered the question? These are the questions I was asking when I set out on my month of Extravagance & Essence, now available to you for a nominal donation. I considered Essential Thoughts, Practices, Directions and Desires. A sustainable future begins here. Watch […] Read more »

A New PEACE Movement ~ People Emerging and Cultivating Essence

NOTE: The following is my articulation of a vision for a NEW PEACE Movement, a movement defined by the people who choose to “Be Peace Now” rather than by a protest over and against something external. It is informed by my personal experience, my passion for an inside-out approach to life and business and the […] Read more »

My Passionate Exploration and Extravagant Love for the Essence I Am

  “It is better to give than receive.” “You’ve got to put others first.” “Don’t be selfish.” “God first, family second…” Wait, was I even on that list? I got the lessons, too. I also remember something about loving others as you love yourself. And, the thing is, that may well be the root of […] Read more »

What’s Converging Within You, Through You and Around You?

  Everything that rises must converge. I first encountered Teilhard de Chardin‘s quote, “All that rises must converge,” in the riveting short stories of that Southern literary treasure Flannery O’Connor. O’Connor wrote stories such as “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” and the short story, “Everything that Rises Must Converge.” In recent weeks the […] Read more »

SEEDS = Soulful Exploration for the Essential Discovery of the Self

I believe cultivating our essential nature, calling forth the fullness of who we were created to be is vital and where it might lead us in this time. What is called for now in our world is nothing short of radical reinvention, a revolution of love. Yet, the restructuring of the systems – economic, environmental, […] Read more »