Embracing a New Vision is the third in the 3-book Cultivating Essence series
from Dawn Richerson, author of books on spirituality, healing and wholeness.




Embracing a New Vision for the Nexus of ChangeWe have been looking for the way, but now is the time
to move to the music of the questions. Having awakened
the world within and found our forward flow, Embracing
a New Vision
invites us into a deeper exploration of the third
and final movement of Cultivating Essence. This is the work
of transformation and we focus on a new way of freeing
from all that has limited, constricted, and bound us
and a whole new experience of being human in our time.





WHAT’S INCLUDED Book 3: Embracing a New Vision
Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul


* Momentum Action Pathways for coming to LIFE
and Living In Full Expression – each core passage within
this movement reflects a particular way forward, supporting
soul restoration at the individual level so that we can create
sustainable systems for flourishing humanity; this movement
is focused on a whole new way of being ourselves and the
integration of our soul self with daily life here on Earth

* Essential Quest-ions for SEEDS Journaling to allow you to further
explore each of the life pathways shared in Embracing a New Vision

* An Introduction to SEEDS Practices – Soulful Exploration
for the Essential Discovery of the Self

* SEEDS Thoughts from my own SEEDS Journal

Embrace a new vision for a whole new
of FREEING yourself!






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Dawn RichersonIf you would like an even richer experience of the content of Cultivating Essence, join me for JOURNEY TO YOUR HEARTLAND. The content of Embracing a New Vision (Book 3) corresponds to the TransFormation Soul Journey in The Soul Streams Virtual Retreat Center. Begin with the Formation Soul Journey available here. Love, Dawn