Be the Only One: thoughts on mental illness

Thoughts on Mental Illness, Light, Love and Legacy Tonight I stand with Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life, and his wife, Kay, and their family in their loss of their son, Matthew, a light. My heart breaks for them. And for the depth of pain Matthew must have felt. And for the world that […] Read more »

My Passionate Exploration and Extravagant Love for the Essence I Am

  “It is better to give than receive.” “You’ve got to put others first.” “Don’t be selfish.” “God first, family second…” Wait, was I even on that list? I got the lessons, too. I also remember something about loving others as you love yourself. And, the thing is, that may well be the root of […] Read more »

What’s Converging Within You, Through You and Around You?

  Everything that rises must converge. I first encountered Teilhard de Chardin‘s quote, “All that rises must converge,” in the riveting short stories of that Southern literary treasure Flannery O’Connor. O’Connor wrote stories such as “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” and the short story, “Everything that Rises Must Converge.” In recent weeks the […] Read more »

Listening with the Soul: Music as a Gateway to the Human Experience

“Listening to Music with Your Whole Body” TED Talk with Evelyn Glennie   Music can provide a gateway to the human experience. It can bring us closer to soul truth. Here’s a TED talk with percussionist Evelyn Glennie. I love how she talks about creating time for interpretation and listening to the song of yourself. […] Read more »