What Show Are You Watching? Choosing Your Reality

Inspired by Seth Godin’s pithy blog, wanted to share “FLIX” from Cultivating Essence (free book here) with you today.

What if life was a movie?

What if it were just a movie? What if everything you saw mirrored in reality was playing out on a big screen? Because it is! It’s right there for your entertainment. Did you forget that only you decide whether to redeem your ticket for the show? Maybe it’s time for some new movies.

Let’s go old school and start with the talkies. Or, better yet, let’s go back to before the soundtrack put our minds to sleep. The essential artistry of silent movies was in capturing the range of human motion and emotion, frame by frame by frame.Now, your movies are a blur, as if you couldn’t get enough in real life.

Let’s rewind. Let’s go reel to real. Back in the screening room, much as we up here might like to edit the “reality,” you are the producers of your lives. You direct the actors on your stage. You choose your own soliloquy. You choose what play is to be or not to be. You call, “Action!” and set things in motion. You choose when to call the scene or do another take.

“Flix” is a selected passage from Flow, the second of three brief but rich movements in Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul Download FREE book at right or here.

Are you choosing your reality?
Or just watching life roll by
on the big screen?

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