ADORNMENT. Wear the colors of where you are and how your life unfolds. Do
not be ashamed of a tattered beginning, of jeans frayed by your ventures into
unexplored territory. These will shield you from the cold wind in the same way as
do another’s silk scarves and fine linen.

Refuse to accept that you are not meant to shop in the upscale boutique if that’s
what you want. And, really, if you like sitting around in your pajamas all day,
then stop apologizing for it. No one’s going to shoot you for it. Holy underwear is
no less blessed.

Find what feels good. Never deny yourself as there is nothing worth caring for
more. But do it because you love the gift of wrinkled flesh, not because you might
fall down and want to measure up should another opt to help you up. Worn shoes
will take you where you need to go.