ALLOW WHAT IS TO BE. We come here with the remembrance of and the desire for
perfection. And so many of us are roused to anger at seeming injustice when we see another
suffer needlessly or stumble over the same roadblocks. A little thing we miss – our rage
conceals the truth that those blocks are, in fact, often the direct result of our collective choice
or forfeit of our right and responsibility to choose.

If we are not angry, we may become consumed with a grief so global that we lose our way
as we mourn what used to be. Whether fueled by the emotion of anger or a deep, pervasive
sadness, we go to work and work for change. We get into action.

To work for change is noble and just. Yet, neither blaming the other nor losing self to the
deep waters of suffering leads forward. As we raise awareness of what is and lead the way
for change in love, there comes a point where we must allow what is to be. In doing so,
we need not conform our lives. Nor must we sacrifice higher ideals. There is a third thing.

We find one way through and forward in the roads you choose to follow. Live simply
and simply live, allowing space for all forms of expression and experience, trusting others
to make the choice to do the same. And if they do not choose to allow what is to be, choose
to honor their choice not to choose. Decide to let it be, and be who you choose to be.