APHIDS AND APHRODITE. Even Zeus, father of gods, assumed the other gods
would be threatened by the beauty of Aphrodite. He surmised that they would be
undone by jealousy. And so he shuttled her off into a loveless marriage.

Aphrodite, when her gifts were thought to shine too bright, began to believe the
lie. She created the only way she knew to keep some part of her soul alive.
Punished for who she was, Aphrodite felt such pain that she turned to others to
assuage her pain and wound up hurting all the more. She compensated for the
belief she was too beautiful and would provoke jealousy. Sadly, she fulfilled it.

Those who shove others into shadow are no more than hungry aphids that destroy
the cultivated beauty of plants. When your beautiful spirit, like Aphrodite’s,
begins to wither, choose to love yourself. Go within. Love yourself first; then,
make wise choices aligned with loving and valuing you.

No matter what aphids eat you alive, your essence cannot be taken from you.
Know that those parts of you that show up to fill the void arise to be your
champions and protectors. Thank them for coming. Love them. Love the “you”
that they came to love. Forgive yourself for any mis-takes you took because your
truth and beauty were not valued by others and, ultimately, by you yourself.