ASHES TO ASHES. It’s not the end of the story. It’s merely chapter one. We begin.
Then, we begin again. And, while we have always seen death as leaving those whom
we loved in this lifetime, we do not leave them at all unless we so choose. Our essence
remains. The love with which we loved while here is carried forward.

We are not found beneath some marker in the ground that records the dates of our birth
and passing to the new birth so neatly. We are found in the heart of the great I Am,
the eternal birth, an infinite love for all that is and is becoming.

There is no too early or too late, no life extinguished. There is only changing form.
There is no was. There is only is. What once was is now. You need not see the log
on the fire to be warmed in this life. The physical is but one aspect of reality. Seeing
is not the whole of believing.

We are here. Let your hearts beat with this truth. We are the lights that shine when
you fear your light has dimmed. When your fire burns out and all seems lost, gone
up in smoke, we rise with you to celebrate your awaited birth and rejoice in perfect