BEAUTY UNTO BEAUTY. These things are all connected. They began in the
imperceptible seeds of faith, hope and love – in the potential, the perfection, and
the wholeness caught up in the storm you could have called the end. Beautiful
ones, you may never know when you choose to begin again what worlds of
wonder might unfold, what beauty might be born from the simple courage you
found to say, “Yes” to your life.

And, in time, when you are changed in an instant, the weight of this world will
slip effortlessly from you. You will stand amazed at the good you have done and
at the life that continues to unfold because you gave thanks for the breath of being
and then gathered up all the strength you had and proclaimed, “It is enough.”

Though your results seemed meager and paled in comparison to the heights of
glory you had hoped to attain, you will see one day the cascading abundance that
rushed out in every direction, infusing the world with the grace to carry on.
Blessed are you. You may never know how many lights shine because you are.