BREATH. The thing is, you can choose to change your life in every breath in and
in every breath out. Breathe in spirit. If you don’t inspire you may well expire in
one form or another, so just breathe. Okay?

Breathe in the assurance that you are not alone but are instead intimately and
infinitely connected to all that is. Breathe out all that would keep you apart from
the truth of your essence. Deep, focused breathing will take you back to truth.
Practice it. Follow it.

When the sun rises, give thanks with your breathing and welcome the day. When
the sun sets, return to rest and breathe in grateful appreciation. Give thanks with
the rise and fall of your chest and know that you have all you have ever needed
and all you ever will.

Allow your body to open fully to your breath, expanding to welcome the flow of
life. Feel it fill each chamber up and then move through you. Feel the wonder of
life with every breath. Take not one for granted.