DOWN CAME THE RAIN. You see yourselves as small, insignificant – the tiny
spider weaving its home in a quaint corner of the world. It is beautiful, and you
are happy for a time. But then you see you have climbed up a water spout, and
life’s deluge washes you out unexpectedly. Again, all seems lost.

Rain or shine, you experience yourself as alone, displaced. Rain or shine, you
shiver at the cruelty of nature, the twists of fate that require you to begin again.
You feel you are always searching for your home – for what you think you had.
You can’t find your way back to that water spout that was the home you knew.
And all you can remember is the endless rain that washed out the dreams you had
for your life.

But you are not designed to cling to the safety of obscurity. You are meant to
weave a home of beauty. The sun may shine its rainbow light through the droplet
of water resting in the crevice of silken threads that intersect the circumference of
your new abode.

And up comes the sun. It shines down at the precise moment a child passes by,
looks up and sees whole worlds reflected there. And that remembrance of the rain
that swept your world away fades as new worlds are born in another because you
found the faith to weave again.

And the world becomes a better place.