CHOOSING NOW. Freedom comes in choosing now. When we surrender fear,
we cast off the illusion that giving more means we will not have enough. Love remains
exponential in its reach. And if you are the only one then you are the only one.
Expand to fill the space. Or be the desert rose.

You’ve heard the saying, “Bloom where you are planted.” Do not wait for the right time,
for the right environment, for the right circumstances to fall into place. Be here now.
Be now here. And, if you are nowhere, then be there and know you are loved. And know
you are love. And know love. Know there is no thing greater than love. Love is there.
Always, there is love.

Feel it rising up within you in this moment. Believe it to be there in the other. Believe it
with so firm a conviction that you can make no choice but love. Love one another. Love
when there is no cause for love. Be the cause of love. Be the causeway. Give life a reason
to believe. Believe there is a reason.