COMPENSATION. Everybody wants his due – some reward for having survived
the fray and having made it through another day. We learn this well as little
children who have arrived in a world, or a family that is our world, where we
are under-appreciated or not even seen for who we truly are.

We shrink. We set our true value aside in order to survive the harrowing passages
of growing up. Knowing this to be a raw deal, we learn to compensate.

So, if we came here laughing and filled with light but found ourselves trapped
in an environment where free expression was quite simply not permitted, we may
have felt squelched, silenced, shut down or swallowed up by the serious. Maybe
you were bewildered for having come to such a place as this. In such a case, one
might become skilled at the art of snarkiness and sarcasm. You become the cynic.

Or we put on the straight man face like a straight jacket and perfect our act to
such a degree that we take the show on the road. This is, after all, our just reward.
This is the lie we tell ourselves. Such compensation is nothing of the sort. It robs
us blind.

Yet, if we are lucky, this leads us back to the stage. There, at first, we simply
play out the same drama, night after night. But this very stage can become the
place where we rediscover our joy and wonder. One day, perhaps, we laugh again.