NO COMPROMISE. You may see your life as compromised – something less than
it could have been. Or should have been or might have been. But somewhere it is
altogether possible that some beautiful soul may find the courage to fly again
simply because you refused to curl up in the corner and drown in the tears you
would have cried amid the devastation.

This is the pain of childbirth and the tender mercy of becoming. It is the miracle
of conception and the unfathomable grace of second chances.

Love may come again to the world, and that love may come into being beyond
your awareness and outside the depth of your field of perception. But because that
love is come, humanity itself is healed all the more.

New life grows where once only nubs on tired branches formed to shield the few drops
of sap left deep within the core. There, after a time, the passion of life itself stirs,
gathering momentum, bursting forth eventually into a glorious spring.