THE CONTEXT OF COMMUNITY. It is when we gather together that we begin to
see what’s possible. We first understand what we do want and what we don’t
want in light of the contrasting experiences we discover as we connect and
converse with others on the way. In relationship to one another, we seek and,
inevitably, we find ourselves again – whether through joy or disappointment,
faithfulness or abandonment, bliss or brokenness.

We remember, if only in bits and pieces and fits and starts, that we are not here
by accident. We are our teachers, and the lesson is this: we have come for this
very purpose. We have come to reawaken fully to the truth that we are the
creators, the sovereign rulers and intrepid explorers of our own lives,
adventurers in this world we spin with for a time.

In family and friendship we find flickers of the truth. Whether we are loved
deeply and held closely or cast out to fend for ourselves, in the substrate of every
cell we know whether such an experience is resonant with the one truth or a
distortion of it. We feel such things every day but only discover truth fully when
we give up the damned determination to make our own way, as if we were
the only ones who ever had a once upon a time.

So come together. Observe. Know what you already know. Allow it to be. Give
others the grace to see what is for themselves. Deep truths cannot be hawked like
silver watches from where the sidewalks meet. Carry your truth in grace. Hold the
space for them even as you direct your own life in the way the river flows.