DISCOMBOBULATED BY DIRECTION. You are accustomed to thinking of direction
in terms of up and down, left and right. You see them as opposites. Go left, and you cannot
enjoy the mysteries in the field to your right. Look down too long and the story goes
that you may well lose sight of heaven and be doomed to a life dimmed by darkness.
You confuse yourselves.

You are only at the beginning. Human civilization has advanced at a rapid pace,
and you live in a time of tremendous technological advancement. And, still, you see
your lives as limited. You believe following a particular path will cut you off from what
you might experience had you taken another way, so you hesitate and sit down at the
fork in the road. Or you start off carrying the heavy load of fear and loathing.

Think of life as multidimensional reality. An expanding sphere of infinite possibilities
exists in the container of a single moment. You simply are not equipped to see it,
because you have been conditioned by defining descriptors of direction. You are not
as lost as you presume yourselves to be.