THE DREAM WE DREAMED. There once was a dry land, parched desert, with the
dusty particles of a dream that had died blowing about in the void. There once
were a people wandering – nomads, thirsty and longing for a life they could no
more recall. Burned beneath a blazing sun by day, shivering beneath the cold of
night, they survived day to night to day. Always walking on, stumbling forward,
tripping often on the sands of time.

Delirious and waking to a common dream of an ocean oasis, they continued on a
never-ending quest for something they had forgotten. Until the day they died to
lack and drank their fill from an abundance of stars smiling down upon them.
And, in an instant, out of nothing, flowed a river.

Water gushed forth from nothing but a single choice to believe in goodness. The
ground gave way to the expression of what they imagined. And then: a miracle.
One river became two, and two became four. And four became sixteen. And the
land became as fertile as their hearts.

This was the dream we dreamed and the way, once, we walked upon the land.
And now the whole Earth is curled up, like a tiny infant inside each one of us.
Eyes closed, she is becoming more and more aware of her grounding in a universe
far greater than herself and of her own life and skin. She begins now to flex her
muscles. Her heart beats with the desire to soar.

Mother Earth is waking. We must hold her now. We must soothe her with our
song. When she wails, care for her. When she cannot seem to rest, sit by her side.
Thank her for the gift she brings. Share with her the treasures of your heart, the
ideas that flow through your mind. Remember the dream we dreamed, and give
back to her with gratitude for all she has given to you.