EBB AND FLOW. In every fall, there is a rising – the seeds of momentum that lie
within, the gathering up of all that has survived the brutal winds of change. And
then there is a moment of the turning – that swift influx of pure, essential life
force that is the opening.

When we surrender to that life force, once again we throw our arms wide open
and lean into possibility. We allow the wind to carry us until again the time seems
right and we find our legs beneath us and set a course for ourselves in the
direction of another spring. There is an ebb and flow.

You become like a chorus of frogs singing in the swamp of the unknown. They
croak out of the simple conviction that they are and that conviction rises through
the fog of confusion. Each voice is distinct and yet expanding in an echo of unity
that rises through the long night.

Raise your voice to find your truth, and soon the truth itself will reverberate
within you and lead you forward. The croaking will become the song of beginning
again. Your voices will sound out together.

Together, you will awaken the new world.