ETERNAL LIGHTS. Our world has never needed light more. Our lives
have never needed light more. Yet, the busy pace of our lives and the rapid
evolution of new technologies in our time have, for all their improvements,
only exposed the fact that what is merely external can never illuminate that
which lies inside the human heart.

While the continued unfolding of new technology and the exploration of new
frontiers is important work, we stand now on the precipice of an awakening
that begins within. Now it is time to explore the interior truths that can only
emerge when we, individually and collectively, embrace the light shining
beyond that darkness we have perceived to be held within that vast unknown
and unexplored territory of our hearts.

We have been afraid to go too deep, afraid of what might lurk within the recesses
of our hearts and minds. We know too well the wounds of this world. Even those
of us who have embraced healing and invested significant resources in cleaning
up thoughts, emotions and behaviors have held onto an outdated belief that this
is work – and hard work at that.

Some of us have become experts at roaming around in the darkness we perceive
within. Courageously, a few among us have dared to open the vast unknown within
to a source of light we have perceived to be outside ourselves, perhaps from some
far-off deity or from the enlightenment of more evolved souls who have journeyed
through this world. We have been reaching for a solution that comes from outside

The truth is that we have all the light we need. We carry it within. Nothing external
is needed. What is needed is an awakening to the worlds within. In this time of great
change, humanity faces a choice. Will we awaken to the truth that we are eternal
lights shining in darkness? Or will we continue to scramble in some last-ditch
effort to fix the darkness we see as closing in upon us? Will we choose illumination
or will we remain entrenched in the illusion of separation?