FAULT LINES. Are you experiencing divisions in your relationships at home or at
work? Are there deep gaps in your fulfillment? Are you always sinking lower into
the valley of sadness? Are your voices echoing like doves crying out and clashing
against the canyon walls before fading into frosted silence? Is there friction?

Go back in time and you’re likely to find fault lines. The moment you blamed the
other a tiny crack in the foundation was formed. Over time, the blame and the
shame, the contempt and the endless criticism, eroded the very foundation of your
relationship, wearing down the solid rock. And you became two plates, made of
the same stuff but pulled in opposite directions.

Eventually, the stress became too much and what you thought would surely stand
the test of time crumbled before your eyes. Stop looking for someone else to
make up for what you lack. Take responsibility for every thought, every word and
every action. Examine your beliefs about yourself. Surrender your desperate
search to fill the holes in your life and all you think is missing from you.

Try something new. Start finding favor. Start filling in the cracks in the
foundation with love. Plant flowers of faith, living into another spring.