FLUX. The influx of mind mastery, coupled with a return to your heart’s essence –
to love – will carry you back into the current. And therein lies the present. It is a
cycle of giving and receiving that knows no end. This leads us to the inception of
change in you as the exception to the rule.

The rules say you should, you must and stay within these lines. The rules only
became necessary when you forfeited your inner knowing and refused to give way
to the turn of the season, to the necessity of change. And then your rules created a
false dichotomy between those of you who fell in line, who took your marching
orders and fit into society and those of you who rebelled against the rigidity of
what felt false but then found yourselves outside the mainstream.

Many who followed dutifully wake to find themselves far from dreams they
thought had died. Too few of you who resisted have persisted. And some who
have persisted in following the beat of their own drums have by now wandered so
far afield that their voices have been lost or muffled to mere murmur.

Thus the heartache of humanity.