FOREVER AND THIS DAY. On the one hand, it is true that you have all the time
you need, forever and a day. There is no end in the way you have perceived it.

There is no hurry. There is only the one decision before you. What will you
choose this day? What word will you speak? What reality will you create with the
thoughts you think?

Will you choose to open the gift of the moment that comes to greet you? Will you
remain oblivious to it? Or will you shove it to the back of the closet, hedging your
bets that if you do this tomorrow will show up with something better.

Love what is. Live in the fullest possible way, into the gift of this moment. Like
clockwork the days come one after the next, and you become accustomed to the
ticking of time. And you never even know how sweet it is. Beautiful ones, don’t
be in such a hurry to get through this day and on to the next. Take your time.