FORGIVING. Life is for giving, nothing more. Nothing less than letting go will do.
In this world and the next, there are those who would give their lives that you
would be free. Among you, there are also those who would bind you to their truth
– a truth they believe has already set them free.

Some know the harm they do, and do it anyway. Others have fooled themselves
into believing they do what they do to you for your highest good. They have made
themselves to be gods on Earth, blindfolding themselves willingly to all that is
unfinished in their own hearts.

No matter your age, no matter your heritage, no matter your position in spirit or
society, your soul cannot be bound without your full consent. Say you will guard
your hearts and minds. Let no man make a prison of your body or take prisoner
your soul. Refuse to be held captive by another, no matter how much you love
them or how wise you think them to be.

Likewise, turn. Escape from all that would make you into a jailer of your own
soul. Nourish body, mind and spirit. Neither starve nor stuff them. Neither repress
them nor give the one free reign above the others. Make peace with who it is you
are. Bind up your broken heart. Know yourself as the free spirit that you were
created to be.