FORM AND FUNCTION. You fear changing form, for you define yourself by the
state of your being. You are so much more. You are not confined by the shape of
your body nor restricted by its covering. You are not reduced to the accessorized
life. Neither are you made invisible simply because you shift into spirit.

And when you fall softly to the ground and flow again into liquid possibility or
rise in a vapor, the flow in which you find yourself is not mere necessity of
transportation from one place to the next. Form can follow function. Or form can
simply be form. It is by no means the total definition of who you are.

What is most important to you at a point in time may lead to a choice about the
form you choose to take. Again, the function you choose to fill or follow is not
meant to be the final word on the mystery of who you are. Find your way through
form and function and fly unencumbered by thoughts that tether you to a fixed
circumference or bind you to a field extending from false center point.