FREE SPIRIT. The big idea is this: you are bound only by your reluctance to allow
your heart to beat strong with the life you are. You are restricted only when you
fail to realign your growth in the natural direction of the source of your very
breath. Unbind yourselves from all that would confine the reign of your great
spirit to a set of rules or a border someone else would draw for you.

You are free to sample. You are free to choose.

Yet, when you climb back into the same small box again and again because you
have been told that that is where you belong or because you were born into one
tradition or another and have been told you must live in a certain way, eventually
you come to believe that the box is the world.

Or worse, you become consumed by a crippling fear that the great unknown
beyond the constricting confines of that beautiful box are the badlands, filled with
danger. You begin to believe that, should you venture outside of your designated
air space, you will be shot down and fall into forgetfulness. You begin to believe
that the air inside the perimeter of the box is the source of your life, your
sustenance – all that keeps you alive.

But a box – even an ornate treasure box – no matter how beautiful is, in the end, a
box. If you love one present you have opened here, if it brings you comfort and
joy and becomes a special place for you to be fully you then by all means return
again and again. Just don’t forget that the world is round, not square. It is a tiny
blue dot unfolding with infinite choice and brimming with beautiful treasure
boxes of every variety.

Above all, know that you are created free, apart from fear, sealed in a timeless
love unbroken by the human condition. Some have called it a love that will not let
you go. Even if you have let it go and fixed yourself to a particular expression of
that love, you are held safe and protected. The darkness that you imagine beyond
can never extinguish your bright light.