GRACE UNFURLS ITS WINGS. World without end, you are cradled in an
infinite grace, an indestructible nest of love. Even as you fly far from it and fall
from its comfort, love expands to hold you in its wide embrace. You are winged
ones, migrating even now back to your native home. Rest in the truth that you
have never been far away.

A heartbeat from remembering, you are where love is to be reborn again. Your life
is the reincarnation of this truth. Love has not died. No matter your perception
that all has been lost. Notwithstanding the darkness that surrounds you. Never
mind the long stretches of shadow that have wrapped around the girth of your world.

Rekindle now the light of love inextinguishable. Hope is not lost where love is found,
and love can be found – even in the vast expanse of space and time, seemingly emptied
of all that is, yet filled with infinite grace and possibility. Surrender to that grace
and you become love.