Too long have you quieted the voice of emotion within you – both the laughter
and the cries. Too long have you tried to tame the spirit of who you are, chastising
the child you left abandoned in your hurry to grow up. You wanted to take life
seriously and leave behind the frivolity of youth. Still, that child is waiting to
greet you and throw her arms wide around you.

Some are tentative. Some are joyous. Some stand at the periphery and wait to be
ushered in. Others race toward you with unbridled enthusiasm. They look up,
eager to receive your direction, and when you see them you know what to do.
You remember a place and time, in the world of physical reality or in the world
of your imagination, where you felt safe and loved, as if you had always belonged.
Go there now. Take the child you were with you. Show her the way.

Are you there?

Take in the sights and sounds, the miracles unfolding in every direction, coming
clear right before your eyes. More than one child may appear. Welcome all.
Sit together in a circle and know this: all is well. This is the point of beginning.
This is the moment outside time, the place of unlimited possibility. Begin
and begin again.

You are awake now, and in wholeness, you take your first breath, ushering in
a new experience of what it means to truly live. Come together and live as one.