THE INFINITE NOW. Being present does not limit your experience. It expands it to
infinite proportions. When you bring yourself fully to the present, you open up
entire realms of being and knowing. You gain access to immeasurable truths that
can guide you in the next instant and in the very moment in which you find

Only when you are fully here can you be there. Or anywhere at all. There are
ways of seeing time and space: the past, the present and the future, for example.
Here, there, near, far – do not define yourself merely by such measures. Release
now the illusion of limitation. There are no lines that cannot be crossed, for the
line itself was created. There is only the value that we give a thing.

The truth of who you are is not divided into increments of time. The wholeness of
you is contained in every fragment, in each imperfect representation of who you
are. See yourself as uncontained, unbound by such delineations and descriptors.