INTERIOR DESIGN. Decorate your inner life with crisp thinking and the most
luxurious of thoughts and emotions. Just as you would make your bed with the
best quality sheets you can afford, spare no expense and handpick only the best
thoughts and feelings – those that result in you being loved lavishly by you for the
legacy you are. Begin always with the love you give to you.

Brighten up your inner space. Shed a little light. Clean out the dusty corners.
While you’re at it, set the mood, will you? Get a little ambiance. Spruce up your
soul, because whether you know it or not, you’ve got company. Guess who’s
coming for dinner? And lunch and breakfast, too?

You are!

So fill your heart with delicious experience. Absorb truth from the best books and
ideas. Invite the prophets of old and modern-day pioneers to join you. Set your
table in the wilderness.

Remember, for appetizers and salad, start on the outside and work your way in.
For life’s main course, work your way from the inside out.