INTREPID SOULS IN TRANSIT. You learn as children of the great explorers and
wish you could explore new lands or sail upon the seas in search of all that is yet
to be discovered. You can. You do! You are radiant and resplendent. And you are
restless, ready for life’s grand adventure.

You’re off!

And still you stand on life’s deck, looking around, confused. Are you waiting for
permission to pull up the anchor and set sail? Puzzled by the unfamiliar bay in
which you find yourselves, many of you choose to treat this life as if it were some
shore leave.

Life is the adventure, my friends! Now is your voyage of discovery. Your very
soul is the compass that will always lead you home. And if ever you feel
uncertain, let the light of the stars lead you on. The story of your adventure on the
high seas of this world will live on. But first you have to risk the journey.