LEARNING TO SING AGAIN. You have learned in this life to curl up
with your treasures, to cradle yourselves against those who might label
you as “other than” and to safely tuck away the truth of who you are in
an effort to guard yourself from attack. But your song is not meant only
for you. The song of your soul is but one strain of a universal symphony.
We must sing the world alive.

Some of you treasure your gift but only for yourselves. Others of you
are frightened by the very sacred seed that lies within you, and so you bury
it deeper and cover it with busy-ness, mindless activity, addiction and distraction.
Over time, you fall into a deep sleep and the world is robbed of the richness of you.
You are lost to your pseudo-selves, selves which fragment the one whole truth
of who you are.

You must embrace the whole of who you are, but the embrace is not enough.
You must share your soul self and watch the gift be multiplied. Find the fortitude
and courage to step out onto the waves and know who you are is all you need.
Sing out in faith and listen for the wind’s reply.

Some of you convince yourselves that the faint song rising like a sun is only an
imagining, wishful thinking or a futile longing for what can be no more. You are
frightened by what wells up within you. You do not understand it. You do not want it.

Some of you want only to experience this physical realm in which your soul is housed
and so set off on an arduous, careful journey to cover up what is within you. But the
cost of doing so is steep. If you are to awaken the world, you must sing again the
song of yourself.