THE LIFE WITHIN LIGHTS OUR WAY. In every moment there is a point
of choice. Will we move upward and expand outward along the ever-widening spiral
of our lives? Or will we contract and, slipping down, revert to a sort of sleeping
sickness? Or, perhaps more damning, will we succumb to the illusion that there
is no choice at all and simply pass through this life and this world in a sort
of perpetual spin cycle?

We choose the meaning we attach to the events of our lives and that choice sets us
in motion in one direction or another. It is never about what happens. It is always
about what we tell ourselves about what happens. More accurately, it is about the
story we tell ourselves about who we must be because some certain thing has happened.
It only means what meaning we choose to assign. This is a difficult truth to grasp.

We have passed the time of excuses. You alone sculpt your reality. You alone shape
the future you will experience. You are now responsible for everything that happens
in your inner environment. What happens around you is simply a reflection of what
alone or through collusion you have allowed to be planted in the sacred garden of
your hearts and souls. If you want a good gauge of how you are doing, take a look

But this is not to say that all is lost. You may go back now and reshape your reality
by choosing a new interpretation, by seeing that what you have believed is merely
one possible version of the truth. Experiment by choosing a meaning that also
allows you to stand fully in your power as the creator of your life and also allows
others to be in harmony with the whole of who they are and their expression
of their true selves at any given point in time. Release the need for perfection
and embrace wholeness. In so doing, you will uncover the unfathomable
uniqueness of who you truly are.