LULLABY. We start at the beginning, with the infant born into this world innocent
and knowing, pure and wise. Let us imagine that infant inside of us. With a gentle
compassion, reach within and cradle that infant in your arms. And simply begin to hum.
And then to sing. A lullaby. An anthem. A tune long forgotten. Here the magical
mystery tour begins.

Trust yourself to know the tune and to sing the child in you awake. Ah, to see her
whole and complete, her heart beating with the force of life. Each breath she takes
a reconnection to the Divine from which she came. And as her eyes open, gaze down
upon her with deep love and honor. Know she has come to be your teacher.

From this moment on, assure her that you will care for her. And as you realize she is
gazing back upon your face, imagine what it is she wants you to know right now.
Hear her. See her. Love her. Let her be your guide. As you hold her in your arms,
you will receive all you have ever needed.