MATRICULATION. Here’s the deal – when you sign up for school, you’re gonna
go to class. Learning will happen. It’s unlikely that you will ace every life test and
soar through unscathed.

But when you dare to show up day after day after day and do the work, it’s really
not about the grades. The bells and attendance and homework grades are simply
the trappings of school. The real deal is the conversation that unfolds in the
classroom, and that includes the conversation you’re having with you about you
in addition to the discussion of facts and figures pertinent to your reality.

Do you go through life comparing yourself to others? Do you make a conscious or
subconscious choice to subjugate who you are and conform? Do you settle for just
getting by? Do you do your work at the last possible moment? Do you measure
yourself merely by a letter on a report card or do you dare to get involved in the
real work happening all around you?

Life, like school, is about making it through to the day you toss the cap up in the
air without succumbing to the expectation of perfection and without dropping out.
It’s about learning to work in groups with difficult people. It’s about stretching
the bounds of what you know. It’s about coming back to balance, so that you can
say yes with authority to the next opportunity. It’s about having compassion for
yourself. Most of all, it’s about finding the courage to do your best and to be