THIS IS YOUR MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. The shores of your world are filled with
reminders of how deeply you are loved. It’s as if, in your lives, you are walking along a beach,
literally stumbling over bottle after bottle, each capped and containing a precious message
of assurance and protection. They appear one after the other, piling up layer upon layer.
And you never even bother to look down.

Few are the ones who stop and recognize at all that someone somewhere is trying to get
a message through. Fewer still are the number among you who bother to pop the cork
and read the message. It is rare indeed to find one whose heart is ready to receive the
abundant truth.

SOS: You, as you are, are loved beyond measure.

There are endless oceans filled with wave after wave rising and falling with this resounding
message. Let it wash over you. Let it change your world. I hope you’re getting the message.
When you do, pass it on, ok? And pick up the bottles, will you?