THE MOVING SPIRAL STAIRCASE. Life is always moving us, shifting to the left
or right, elevating us or taking us down a few notches. We have to adjust. There
are incremental movements we must make as we approach our goal. Sometimes,
that means stepping up. Other times, it’s just a small adjustment — a pivot left
or right.

When viewed from far away, we can see the beautiful slope of our ascension.
You come so close to the next world and barely recognize that you have moved
at all. You have been lifted into the realms of angels, but because you find
yourself sitting in the same chair or lying beneath your comforter you distrust this.
You convince yourself it was just a dream. Or you think it is not possible that you
have moved, because here you are.

There are two complementary paths we travel as we pass through this life. First,
there is the outer life, the world of weathering the world – its elements, the
relationships we form, the work we choose to do, the external challenges and joys.
Next, there is the inner life where, if we are lucky, we begin to see sprouts of
growth, new awareness, expanded trust in ourselves and an ever-widening love
for our own humanity.

As you love what is, you move toward the unfolding awareness of all that has
been. As you take the first step, the next step will appear.