NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE. Choice is a sacred gift. See all your
choices like candy lined up before you, every piece of it delicious. Let your mouth
water at the options and then go ahead; pick your favorite.

Go with what you know you love or pick the one that is calling out, “Choose me!
Choose me!” And if you have no clear favorite, close your eyes and point your
fingers and say yes to what it is that says yes to you.

Even if the decision that is before you seems serious and a painful choice between
two lesser ways, see the very opportunity to choose as a gift of grace. Here you
meet again the chance to express your creative being and contribute to the
unfolding of life and all that is.

You are loved no matter what consequence follows your choice. You are
treasured regardless of the result you co-create. You are cherished in the
choosing, bathed in the blessed assurance of having received gift of choice.