OPEN THE PRESENT, ALREADY. It’s been sitting right there, forever, hidden
in plain sight. Will you choose to receive the full realization of what you have
always known? Will you reject it outright? Or will you sit there admiring the bow
and the wrapping as if that is the whole of the gift?

Some of you question why the gift should be there, thinking it must be some kind
of mistake. Some have been known to grab the present, tear into it with a
ferocious spirit and then just as quickly cast it aside. The surprising truth is this:
when that moment of now arrives you are either ready or you are not.

Surprisingly, it’s all up to you. Do you cycle through the lessons, one by one, and
move on swiftly to the next? Or do you lock horns with the devil in the detail and
do battle to the death? Have you considered what is sacrificed when you insist on
being right, deconstructing the truth revealed piece by piece? You see the result
before you: tattered pieces. You forget this is merely a reflection of what you
have done to your own heart and soul.

How invested are you in your choice? How long do you want to take to learn
to dance with life? There’s no real hurry. Take your time to decide what kind
of life you want. Or get up from your seat and dance with destiny.