ORIGIN AND ORIGINALITY. We come from God, who is our home. Though we
originate in the mind of God and in the womb of our mother, we come bearing
fine gifts of original design.

You are no designer knock-off. Give up your search for some label, some stamp
of approval. Set your own value. Declare your worth, and live as if you mean it.
Make it clear you matter to you, for you are no victim of circumstance.

On Earth, we are born to parents and imprinted with patterns of life and spirit. We
carry bits and pieces and are, in fact, immersed in the streams of soul shared with
all of humanity. Willingly you gave yourself and gave of yourself, once upon a
time, to take shape and form.

Now you are the maker of your life, the champion of your cause. Life is your
canvas. What will fill your blank page, your stage, your silver screen?