PARALLELS IN SPACE AND TIME. Imagine the ancient pyramid, a golden home for
souls transitioning, safe passage made more comfortable by reminders of a ruler’s
riches and reward.

Now, shift and see yourself, here and now, awakening to the all that is. You are a
cup filled from center point of stillness that provides an abundant opening to the
inner life facilitated by whispers of our remembered home beyond.

A tear in the fabric of your star-crossed universe or a gaping wound inside the
human heart: they are one and the same. Mirror images are two halves of a whole,
yet whole within the halves. This pattern replicates. Light is never diminished
within the particles transformed as they transform the world they inhabit.

Into infinite darkness, light speeds its love. Love rushes in to spark a flame,
revealing colors of life reflected in the glow of all that is. Embrace it. Release it.
Breathe the promise revealed in the rise and fall of your body, caressed by every