REACHING FOR RIVERS OF HOPE. Remember the little kid running through the
city, following the red balloon? Be like this child. As you keep focused on the
goal of waking up, you will attract greater visibility. People will see what you are
chasing after.

As more and more of you focus on that red balloon, momentum will shift. Feel
the joy of jumping up for that elusive promise. It will lead you to all you need to

There are layers within layers of awakening, rivers that will lead you deeper and
deeper, back to a forgotten truth within the dream. Rivers multiplied will spring
forth from your hearts. Your heart is the source of the source from which love and
life flow.

As more and more of you open your hearts, miracles will spill out, creating an
ever-increasing flow of abundance. The rivers are an unfolding promise of joy,
bubbling brooks like flowers blooming to remind you of what you have always
held within your hearts.

You see, the desert you have wandered in is the true mirage. And, too, as a people
you have become accustomed to shielding your eyes and stumbling forward,
chasing after all that has seemed so illusive. And there it is! Stop. Stop the endless
search. Breathe. Breathe more deeply. Be still and know. You know what you
know when you need to know it, and this is the time to know.

There is no more quest. Your questions need no answers. Ssshhh. Hear all that
will come to you in the silence. In the sweet surrender to the here and now, you
will embrace the mystery of all time. In the slow breathing in, you will find the
fragrant flowering of your dream. And as you close your eyes, you will see for the
first time the wonder of this world and be filled with the need for nothing more.

In the experience of this moment flowing into the next, your faith that this is
indeed possible will spring a river of hope from which will flow a tumbling
waterfall of love, bringing healing and new growth where you thought all had
died. And from these buds of promise, passion is reborn. And through it all, you
will know beauty. You will recognize yourselves anew and see yourselves grow
into the full beauty of who you have always been.