RECLAMATION. In your world, so much that was pure and nourishing has been
corrupted to the degree that it is no longer safe for you. You must learn to
separate out those contaminants, some invisible which naturally cling to clean
energy. The process of removing what is waste requires discernment, and
discernment requires a rigorous examination of all that does not serve the truth.

To reclaim that which was bestowed upon you as a gift of grace, you must begin
with gratitude. Give thanks for it. See the perfection within it. Refuse to cast it off
as lost, to surrender the gift because it has been contaminated. Instead, choose
love and honor. Then, allow that love and honor to lead you to new ideas that
restore the gift to its natural state. Think, speak and share thoughts of loving-kindness
toward gift and giver.

There is never a need to engage in the cycle of destruction. Transform your
thoughts. Turn your anger toward those who have been reckless with the gift into
equal thought and action for good. Breathe compassion into the sadness you feel
and into your own hearts. Envision the essence in yourselves and in the other and
allow what is waste to fall away. Become an advocate for the gift and also for those
who have not yet awakened to it. Do all you can to reclaim the gift and restore it
to its natural state.