SEARCH AND RESCUE. So, ask not if you are enough. Ask not what more you
must know in this moment. Know what you know. Allow yourselves to be
revealed and then revel in the knowing and the being known, the sacredness of
both the dawn of understanding and the shadow lands.

Redefine value. Engage in value redefinition. Find a way forward, yes. But also
your way back. And into the layers of soul that blossom into possibility for ways
forward you have not yet imagined. Trust the ripples of love to become waves
that cannot drain you of you anymore than the ocean can lose its life by kissing
golden shores.

Knowing you’ve no need for replenishment, see also that nothing is lost or
wasted. You long for restoration, for salvation, for all to be set aright. In the
mirror, you see a stranger – a life turned topsy-turvy, trunks of treasure sunken.
No one is lost to herself. You are not in need of saving.

This is mere illusion, the inverse of hope, a mirage of shipwrecked dreams. Flip
the image and you have a voyage of extraordinary wealth and cause for
celebration at the discovery that life is a dance within a dream we chose.

So, call off your search for one another. See at last the beauty of your being where
you are and the gift of where you have perceived yourself to be. Fall into being,
born anew to the miracle of a kaleidoscope of change. Soar beyond your sights of
heaven and ground yourselves in the very being of who you are, indivisible.

Make way for generations of possibility waiting for emergence – here already
when you abandon the shortsightedness of emergency.