SEEDS OF RECOGNITION. We must learn to look at each other and see.
Through the eyes of the soul, we must look for common seeds of divinity sprinkled
in the soil of every human heart. Our first thought must be love. Love, like rain
poured out on the parched field of humanity, collected and channeled into hearts
made barren by lifetimes of neglect. We must awaken to this realization: all is not lost.

You underestimate the capacity of love. The love within a single human heart
might seem a trickle. But when it is tapped to quench the thirst of one who
has forgotten the beauty of its taste, it unleashes tumbling waters of grace.
If you could see from here the coursing rivers and the swift current of change
flowing now because a single human heart chose once love, you would not hesitate
to surrender all resistance to its flow.

Be the river running through the other’s dry and dusty heart. Cut right through
deep canyons where a life’s left echoing. Lift them up on wings of eagles. Lift them
up so they can see their hearts of treasured jewels, a home for all who would fly
free as one. Gaze upon them with such wonder at God’s glory come to Earth.

Tend to them as little children at the moment of their birth, until they stand one day,
majestic, triumphant, rising from the ash, smiling down upon the river, wearing life
like colored splash of sun. Having lived lifetimes, they may feel because you smiled
upon them that they have only just begun.