SEPARATING LIGHT FROM DARKNESS. Before any of us can hope
to bring forth the light within, or even to see through the darkness to which
we have grown accustomed, we must release the old beliefs about ourselves
to which we cling in desperation. We have long believed ourselves to be a
people immersed in the shadow of this world, wanderers through a cold,
dark night or vagabonds blinded by the desert’s stinging sun and sand.

Make room for a new story, the creation of a wondrous wave upon whose
crest rides the hope of humanity. Even now, the beating of a million hearts
echo with a longing to rush toward the shores of a new understanding of who
we are as beings of light. We long to know our light, thanks in large part to
those pioneering souls among us who have called us, again and again,
back to this truth.

Awakening to the light within begins by acknowledging the darkness we
have known so well and then separating out that darkness or our perception
of it to allow light to emerge. What darkness have we known? Separation
within. Separation without. Division within. Division without. Chaos within.
Chaos without. Addiction. Brokenness. Disease. War. Alienation. Poverty.
Inequality. Subjugation. Devastation and deconstruction. Waste.
What am I forgetting?

Having identified and called out the darkness we know, it is time to see
what does not belong to the darkness and to give it equal consideration.
Faith, flowing where there seems to be no evidence or cause. Hope,
springing up in the most unlikely of circumstance. Love, mirrored
in the eyes of those we encounter every day.

Once we begin to see the light all around us, breaking forth through
any darkness, we are able to trace it back to the seed from which it grew.
How did this light find its way out into our world? What is the source
of the faith, hope and love we encounter? And how is this light,
born of ordinary people from all walks of life, a reflection of the
one light within you?

Where in you can you separate out light and call it good?