SHOOTING STARS. Even though you see there may be no hope of restoration
to your rightful home with the other, you circle round the dark side of the moon.
You hold fast to that flicker of light, that singular moment when you saw your
selves as once you were. Though one remembers and one does not, there will
come a time when you shall meet again, your hearts collide to spark a memory
lost to the one.

Carry on!

Truth can survive the longest lie. In time, day is always born of night. Love
remains untainted by another’s willful dismissal of its shocking interruption of
some presumed master plan. Ripped from the very love you’ve searched all your
life to find, you fly blind on through the night afraid you will lose your mind. But
it doesn’t matter. Let the rise and fall of your chest be enough. Let love be the fuel
that hurtles you through the loneliest years.

Let it go.

Let all your love rush out before you to meet the void, and know this: love is
never lost. Make your way, believing what gift has been bestowed will be
returned tenfold, and what seems forever ending will find at last its new
beginning. Have faith in beauty, and believe that you will rise again.