STAND YOUR GROUND. You feel as if you are waking from a long midsummer
night’s dream, but just as quickly you decide the new spiritual reality coming into
focus is, in fact, the dream.

When others insist that you are only dreaming of a more fanciful version of the
facts, you relinquish your tentative hold on a truth you have barely begun to
recover. When they say you have been mistaken in believing that you and they are
great spirits unbound by time, you succumb and are coaxed back into the alluring
half-wakened state that many of you reading are actually in.

When you are told that you are losing your grip on reality, stand your ground.
When someone says your head is in the clouds, remind yourself that your heart
finds its beat from the rhythm in the river of life. Smile at your friend and be
grateful for the gift of imagination and for your spirit free and unencumbered by
what you once saw as present reality.

Live the dream, and hold fast to the truth of who you are.